Cruel Joke


Mckenzie Shaw lived a simple and uneventful life. She’d always felt ordinary – always one to follow the straight and narrow, and never one to take chances. She worked hard and tried to have some fun along the way, but when it came down to it, her career always came first.

That all changed one weekend while visiting her best friend Maggie in upstate New York. Little did Kenzie know that life as she knew it would be turned upside down the day she pulled into the Hainsworth Farm Market along the country road that summer day. A chance encounter with a deliciously hot country boy named Jase would change her world and unravel every fiber of her being. Their connection would run deep but distance and her career would never allow it to become anything more.

Or would love have a different plan for her?

Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover. Audiobook coming soon!!

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